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The lavatory of feet. An act of love in a beautiful metaphor of the love. There is a special light in these photos.


Great that you managed to get the close up shots ! Hmmm, wonder why they embellished Judas with a much younger looking guy hehe :)


Hi Sidney,

We had to laugh :) it is so funny to see the green "habonera" (soap dish) as if directly from the kitchen sink together with the pitcher of water for washing.

But kidding aside, the washing of the feet is a symbol and act of humility. Jesus is showing the apostles that to be a leader, one must be ready to serve others. Thus, the washing of the feet is a symbol of being a follower and a true leader.

RE: women even in Jesus time, He showed respect... remember? those without sin throw the first stone?


> allow divorce in the Philippines so oppressed wives will have a way out.

and make men pay child support. punish irresponsible parents. manage the population. so many things we need to change to improve the quality of life of wo/men .. mais l'église catholique est opposé tous ça ..


c'est censément une image d'humilité mais quand il compte, l'humilité est perdu ..

Ashish Sidapara

Hindu weddings also have this ritual where the bride has to wash the feet of the groom, i remember my feet getting washed.


Must have gone on a long time Sidney - some of these guys look like they are asleep!!


Well captured series. :)


tant de rituels pour si peu de résultats!


Comme photographe, j'adore ces scènes, comme spectateur, je trouve qu'il y a un coté "désuet" ;-)


This is one of my favorite Holy Week Rituals. For me, it holds a lot of meaning because it shows Jesus very human and very humble enough to actually wash the feet of his disciples.


Back in my hometown in Negros, we got lots of funny anecdotes about the washing of the feet of the parish priest. Some apostles have smelly feet so you know hehehe

Nice shots usual :)


i am amazed that up to now, this Holy Week tradition is still being done. i am all for the preservation of this tradition. it tells something about what we believe as a people and how they evolved and become a vital part of Filipinos way of life. my grandpa used to be a part of this tradition in Caramoran, Catanduanes. every year, he plays St. Thomas and I am always in great awe everytime he puts on his St. Thomas attire (complete with the sash). He never explained to me why he does but my mom says it's his panata.


i wonder if this ritual is also observed in other parts of the world? or is it uniquely filipino...


lovely series Sidney. It's interesting that the ritual of the feet washing is such a leveler amoungst all who take part. mal


An interesting ritual in its institution at various points and not observed at others. Fine pictures of this humble ceremony in rembrance of Jesus' acts of service.


Tena koe ehoa
I assuming this is an reenactment of recognition and rememberence for what had taken place historically. I hearing/reading the comment of ces, there is perhaps some archaic traditions that still hold today?


washing feet of priests is an important ritual even in many religions I guess.


Do they really have to reenact these practices mentioned in the Bible for pageantry? It's symbolism but do they have to stage a grand show? No way am I washing the feet of these men whether I am the Pretend Jesus or not.

More power to these men who are bold enough to participate in such pageantry but what I would really like to hear is that Filipino men live the lives of Christ and that the church guide the people through righteousness, not tolerate practices such as wife beating and for heaven's sakes, allow divorce in the Philippines so oppressed wives will have a way out.


I've always loved this ritual. Wonderful post, Sidney!


Your photographies are always an instruction about life. Great.


a very clean ritual!


your shots are documenting the life in the philippines


that's an interesting ritual, my wife does something similar each week, its called "pedicure" and is quite expensive

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